It all started in a small upper part of a building near the Coolhaven. Here, the company Groenendijk & Soetermeer was founded as a partnership in 1946, offering conventional and advanced marine engineering and naval architectural services to vessel owners, operators and shipyards.

The first assignment was the "SS Biervliet", a vessel that had been confiscated by the Germans during the war. It had to be repaired, alterated en modernized. Over the years, the orders became bigger and bigger. The biggest one we (partly) designed is 349.60 x 55.40 x 28.55 meter with a capacity of 313.000 tons (1973 for V.D.S.M.).

Today, Groenendijk & Soetermeer is evolved into a multi-discipline marine and facilities architecture and engineering firm, offering both vessel and land-side design services. The old partners are retired, our new team is young and eager and well recognized for design excellence, teamwork, professionalism, technical expertise, and commitment. Our office is located at the Grevelingenweg 23 in Dordrecht.

At the moment we employ 4 naval architects and consulting engineers. Our main activity is the design and engineering of new ships and reconstructions and conversions of existing ones, seagoing as well as inland waterway vessels. Among the types of ships we design are:

  • Chemical tankers
  • Gas tankers
  • Containerships
  • Coasters
  • Passenger vessels
  • Ferries
  • Push barges
  • Pontoons
  • Dry-docks
  • Special service crafts
  • Hydro graphic survey vessels
  • Suppliers
  • Tow- and push boats

Please take a look at examples of our projects, some with photos, on the project page.

Feasibility studies, various design calculations and building supervision are also part of the work we do.

The calculations we perform consist of:

  • Damage- and stability calculations
  • Floating fore- and aft ship
  • Weight calculations
  • (Longitudinal) strength calculations
  • Hydrostatic- en hydrodynamic calculations

If you would like information, a quotation, or if you are trying to find our office location, please visit our information page.

In case you want to contact us or ask a question, please go to the contact page.

Kind regards,

R. Rapati (Naval Architect)