In addition to a few specific ship and mechanical software packages, we also make frequent use of a number of general software packages for our assignments. The general packages that we use a lot include an Office package and the most recent versions of AutoCAD.
At the moment they are Microsoft Office 2019 and AutoCAD 2020.

This package is supplied by SARC. We use PIAS for all our stability and longitudinal strength calculations. We also calculate inclinging tests with this.

With the help of this program we can optimize the compartmentalisation of a ship and calculate the contents of the compartments and tanks.


This package is also supplied by SARC. With this software package, we design ship shapes and align line plans. The integration with PIAS ensures that we can make the stability calculations with the correct shape information.

With the help of a special input module, we can also import the Fairway shapes into MasterShip, and thus design the construction of the ship with the correct shape information.


We use this software package, made by FormSys, for strength calculations of (shipbuilding) structures.

With the help of this program we make calculation models of, for example, tools or deck and bottom structures, and it is possible to optimize these structures in terms of strength and weight.